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dreams become nightmares

dreams become nightmares

my Tumblr is just like my mind..
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Hungary, 16


ririkalbunny in Strawberry Parlour

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""Az angyalok tudnak repülni."-suttogta, és ugrott.
-Lana Del Rey"

Decorated bling-bling phone!


Another giveaway inbound

Hi so ive saved up money alot of money! and because my other giveaway was a big hit i decided why not have another one this time ill have more stuff and more fandom stuff involved

1st place

  • 2 cosplays of choice (up to 150$ each)
  • 2 wigs 
  • 2 contacts from pinkyparadise
  • 2 fandom shirts of your choice
  • fandom merch of your choice (up to 45$)

2nd place

  • 1 cosplay (up to 130$)
  • 1 wig 
  • 1 pair of contacts
  • 2 fandom shirts of your choice
  • fandom merch of your choice (up to 25$)

3rd place

  • 1 wig
  • 1 pair of contacts
  • 1 fandom shirt
  • fandom merch up to (15$)
  • and a bag of candy omf


only reblogs count but you may reblog it as may times as you would like (just dont spam your followers) you may like the post for reference thats fine

you dont have to but you will get extra stuff if you follow me!

and you get an extra entry if you follow madi!

i will ship anywhere on this planet.

Giveaway ends June 28th

also depending on the notes this gets ill add more stuff 

(also if a homestuck wins and they want horns ill totes make some im rly good at it)

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Little Monsters by oceanumbrellas on Flickr.
[Volks YoSD White Rabbit]
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